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Company name: Labrador Iron Mines Holdings Ltd

Company name: Labrador Iron Mines Holdings Ltd
Category: Iron Ore Mine Exploration and Development
Business location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Expertise: Iron Ore
Keywords: Mining, exploration and development of iron ore
Telephone number: +1 647 728-4106
Fax: +1 416 368-5344
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Other information: Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Labrador Iron Mines Holdings Ltd (LIM) is involved in the mining, exploration and development of direct shipping iron ore projects (the "Schefferville Projects"). These projects are located in the Labrador Trough region (one of the major iron ore producing regions in the world) situated in the Menihek area in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador; and in the Province of Quebec, centered near the town of Schefferville, Quebec.

The Schefferville Projects consist of the James Mine and adjacent Stage 1 deposits and Silver Yards processing facility; the Stage 2 Houston property, which includes the Malcolm 1 deposit; the Stage 3 Howse property, held in a joint venture with Tata Steel Minerals Canada Limited ("TSMC") and, subject to further exploration and development, other iron ore properties in the vicinity of Schefferville.

LIM's Schefferville Projects are connected by a direct railway to the Port of Sept-Iles on the Atlantic Ocean and benefit from established infrastructure - including the town, airport, roads, hydroelectric power and rail service. LIM's Schefferville Projects comprise 20 different iron ore deposits, which were part of the original Iron Ore Company of Canada ("IOC").

LIM did not undertake any mining operations in the 2014 to 2017 operating seasons due to the deteriorating iron ore market conditions and the prevailing low price of iron ore.

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