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Company name: PTK Mining Co Ltd

Company name: PTK Mining Company Ltd
Category: Mining
Business location: Bangkok, Thailand

Expertise: Iron Ore Supply.
Keywords: Iron Ore - Phu Ang Deposit.
Telephone number: +66 2 953-9766
Fax: +66 2 941-4095
Email address:

Other information: P.T.K. Mining Company Limited was founded in June 2004 by the two experienced entrepreneurs, each with over 20 years mining business experience. The founding vision was to use the iron ore resources to benefit Thailand whilst remaining environmentally compliant and also promoting iron ore trade with other countries.

PTK Mining has a concession from the Thai Government (the Department of Primary Industries and Mines) to mine iron ore at Phu Ang (at Loei, in northeast Thailand). This concession (which commenced in 2005) will remain in force until July 2030. Phu Ang is the largest iron reserve in Thailand. According to magnetic surveys conducted by Department of Mineral Resources, total iron ore reserves are estimated at ~10.9 million tonnes, with iron content in the 65% - 67% range.

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