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Company name: Shougang Hierro Peru SAA

Company name: Shougang Hierro Peru
Category: Iron Ore
Business location: Lima, Peru

Expertise: Supply of iron ore.
Keywords: Blast furnace pellets, sinter feed, iron ore fines, iron ore pellets, iron ore lumps.

Telephone number: +51 1 330-7931
Fax number: +51 1 330-7931
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Other information: Shougang Hierro Peru exploits, processes and markets iron ore from deposits located on the south coast of Peru, some 530 kilometers from the city of Lima, in the district of Marcona, province of Nasca in the Ica Region.

The metallurgical mining complex of Shougang Hierro Peru comprises three areas (i) iron ore mining in Marcona, Nasca; from which ore is ransferred some 15 km by conveyor at a speed of 2000 tonnes per hour to St Nicolas (ii) iron ore processing at St Nicolas. Facilities at St Nicolas include a crusher plant (where the ore is reduced by approximately 95%); a magnetic separation plant (iron ore grinding and concentration); a pelletizing plant; and export pier (a 300 metre pier) to service large vessels and (iii) administrative offices at San Juan.

Currently, the company has an annual installed production of 7.5 million tons of iron ore products. Main products sold include blast furnace pellets (65% Fe content), pellet feed (68% Fe content minimum); high grade sinter feed (67% Fe), iron ore fines (60% Fe; up to 20mm), iron ore pellets (65% Fe, up to 100 mesh), iron ore lumps (55% Fe minimum, 12% maximum SiO2).

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