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Company name: Donetsksteel

Company name: Donetsksteel
Category: Steelmaking and foundry pig iron
Business location: Pokrovsk, Ukraine

Expertise: Producer of merchant pig iron.
Keywords: Pig iron (PL1 and PL2 grades) and cast iron.
Telephone number: +37 517-216-03-24 [Representative Office, Belarus]

Other information: The Donetsksteel metallurgical plant was founded in 2002, combining two production shops - a blast furnace shop and an open hearth furnace shop.

Today it is a modern metallurgical plant which produces foundry and pig-iron, more than 100 grades of carbon, structural, low-alloy, quality and high-quality steel, church bells from high-quality non-ferrous alloy, building materials, iron-bearing wastes, slag and lime. Manufactured products include slabs and open hearth furnace ingots in carbon and carbon-manganese grades.

The blast furnace shop comprises two blast furnaces, each of 1033 m3 volume. Blast furnace #1 was started up after a major repair in 2007. Blast furnace #2 started after a first degree repair in 2002. Both blast furnaces use modern technology including powdered coal injection (PCI).

The rolling mill department consists of plate rolling mill and 3 section mills - including the 250 small-section mill, the 350 mill and a 400 medium-section mill.

The foundry uses an induction melting facility to smelt copper and copper-based alloys which allows manufacture of high-quality copper-alloy bells weighing from 7 kg to as much as 7 tons.

The Donetsk Metallurgical Plant is one of the oldest works in southern Ukraine.

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