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Company name: Indoferro

Company name: Indoferro
Category: Pig iron
Business location: Cilegon, Banten, Indonesia

Expertise: Merchant pig iron.
Keywords: Basic, foundry and nickel pig iron.
Telephone number: +62 254 601 318
Fax number: +62 254 602 818
Website: Indoferro

Other information: PT Indoferro, based in Jakarta, is a member of the Growth Steel Group.

The Growth Steel Group was founded in 1970. The group includes PT Growth Sumatra Industry - an integrated steel mill producing long steel products (billets, reinforcing bars, weld mesh, angle bars and bright bar) from scrap metal feedstock; Growth Asia - one of the largest foundries in South East Asia; as well as Indoferro.

The nickel pig iron production facility located at Cilegon Banten, on the island of Java, is now in production. The group is investing a further 100 million US dollars to increase the production of nickel pig iron from 250,000 to 500,000 tons per year. Indoferro currently supplies nickel pig iron products to stainless steel mills, nickel and stainless steel casting foundries and steel mill roll producers with our target markets being the Middle East, South East Asia, India, Australia, Africa, South America and Europe. (It is one of the few suppliers of nickel pig iron that are not based in China). Principal Indoferro products include basic pig iron, foundry pig iron, nickel pig iron (minimum 4% nickel), alloy pig iron.

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