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Company name: Metalsider

Company name: Metalsider
Category: Merchant pig iron
Business location: Betim, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Expertise: Production of merchant pig iron.
Keywords: Pig iron.
Telephone number: +55 31 3539-9800
Fax number: +55 31 3539-9898

Other information: Metalsider's history dates back to 1984 when, in January of that year, the company started production of pig iron in Betim, Minas Gerais. With production and commercialization to supply the internal and external market, Metalsider began its activities operating with two blast furnaces. In the following years it expanded its capacity with the acquisition of five other blast furnaces, consolidating, thus, its industrial footprint.

Today, Metalsider is a leading Brazilian charcoal-based producer of merchant pig iron, with exports to three continents, and international clients in the automotive, foundry and steelmaking industries. Main products sold are steelmaking pig iron and foundry pig iron. The firm also operates a foundry at Betim, which produces a variety of cast iron products. These include brake calipers, differential casings, transmission casings, seering knuckles, engine supports, wheel hubs, crankshafts, spider brakes, brake drums, brake discs, flywheels.

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