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Company name: Sesa Goa

Company name: Grupo Sesa Goa
Category: Merchant pig iron
Business location: Amona, Goa, India

Expertise: Supply of merchant pig iron.
Keywords: Basic, foundry and nodular pig iron.
Telephone number: +91 832 246 0600
Email address:

Other information: The pig Iron Division (PID) started operating in 1992. It was the first to introduce low phosphorous foundry-grade pig iron in India. The PID has two blast furnaces with a working volume of 173 m3 along with the newly-commissioned third blast furnace of 450 m3 capacity, making SESA's PID the largest producer of low phosphorous pig iron in India with an installed capacity of 625000 tons per year. The Company also commissioned an 800,000 ton sintering facility that would enable the PID to partially meet its iron ore requirement with sintered iron ore fines, resulting in significant cost savings and increasing efficiencies.

The pig iron plant is strategically located at Amona, on the banks of Mandovi River, at a distance of 40 kilometres from Marmagao port. This location gives the facility the dual capability of transportation of pig iron by road in trucks and containers, as well as by river in barges. The firm has two blast furnaces with a working volume of 173m3 each. A third blast furnace of 450m3 capacity was successfully commissioned on 17th August 2012. Followng this upgrade, the annual capacity of the total plant is ~ 830 kt per annuum.

Main products produced by Sesa Goa's PID include pig iron for electric arc steelmaking, pig iron for the manufacture of grey iron castings in cupola furnaces, pig iron for the manufacture of ductile iron castings.

The firm also has a Met Coke Division (MCD). This is essenitially a backward integration initiative to support the pig iron operations. The coke plant is strategically located at Amona, which is situated on the banks of the Mandovi River, at a distance of some 40 kilometres from Marmagao port. [This location offers the possibility for transportation of coking coal by barge to different parts of the world]. The Met coke division has two coke oven batteries with a total production capacity of approx. 0.52 million tons per annum.

SESA also operates two waste heat recovery power plants of ~30 MW each utilizing the waste heat and flue gases generated from the firm's pig iron and metallurgical coke-making facilities to generate electricity. This electricity is used for captive consumption with a small portion of the power being sold externally.

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