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Company name: Tulachermet

Company name: Tulachermet (Industrial Metallurgical Holding)
Category: Steelmaking and foundry pig iron
Business location: Tula, Russia

Expertise: World leader in supply of merchant pig iron.
Keywords: Pig iron for export.
Telephone number: +7 (4872) 45-70-70
Fax number: +7 (4872) 45-71-79
Website: http://www.metholding.ru/en/business/products/chugun/
Email address: info@tulachermet.ru

Other information: Tulachermet is one of the leading Russian producers and manufacturers of merchant pig iron, the largest enterprise of the Industrial Metallurgical Holdings Group (IMH).

Current Tulachermet production volume is more than 2 million tonnes of pig iron per year. Some 90% of this output is exported (Balltic and Black Sea ports).

The main competitive advantage of Tula pig iron is its high purity with respect to manganese, phosphorus, titanium, chrome, copper, vanadium and sulphur content. This high purity arises from use of very high quality iron ore from the iron ore deposits in the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly, and high quality coking coal supplied by KOKS.

Along with merchant pig iron, the plant also produces granulated slag and broken slag for use in road-building. Tulachermet's main pig iron consumers in the global markets are in the USA, in Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East.

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