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Company name: Spiraweld

Company name: Spiraweld Stainless Limited
Category: Stainless steel tubes
Business location: Auckland, New Zealand

Expertise: Spiral welded stainless steel tubes.
Keywords: Pipe manufacturing, pickling and passivation, electropolishing.
Website: www.spiraweld.co.nz
Email address: sales@spiraweld.co.nz
Telephone: +64 9 576 1199
Facsimile: +64 9 576 1195

Other information: Spiraweld Pipe has been manufactured in NZ and used in the market for over 30 years and as a production facility Spiraweld only works with stainless steels. Spiraweld has the advantage of being able to produce most common pipe diameters in ID or OD to order, and within comparatively short lead times [1-3 weeks]. Lengths are made to order and can be supplied at any length up to 10m. Short runs of 6m are available.

Spiraweld Stainless Limited can chemically clean stainless steel at its plant. Services include cleaning wire or any other surface not suitable for mechanical cleaning. The firm has a 10.5 metre long x 1.25m wide x 900mm deep bath, with the facility to clean large and small components. Components are placed directly into the bath or on a cradle and immersed in the nitric/hydrofluoric acid solution.

The company is also geared up to electropolish a wide range of shapes & sizes. A large bath is 4.8m long x 1.6m wide x 1.2m deep, and is capable of polishing up to seven metre long hand rails by double-dipping the item. A smaller bath is set up to handle large quantities of smaller items. Benefits of electropolishing include enhanced corrosion resistance, a bright surface finish and a smoother surface finish.

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