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Company name: Tubex SA [Tubac]

Company name: Tubex (Duferco)
Category: Steel tube and pipe
Business location: Calle Real, Guatemala

Expertise: Welded carbon steel pipe.
Keywords: Welded tube, galvanised pipe.
Email address:
Telephone: +502 6644 6644

Other information: Tubex is a leading Guatemalan company in the Central American and Caribbean region dedicated to the manufacture of welded carbon steel pipes produced to ASTM standard.

The firm is owned by Duferco of Switzerland, a leading global distributor steel products and steelmaking raw materials.

Tubex' main products include welded tube and pipe 0.5-8" diameter; galvanised tube & pipe 0.5-8" diameter, and hollow sections.

Note that the firm is called Tubex, but that the main tube works - the San Miguel Patapa plant - is called Tubac SA.

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