Tuborco - welded pipe - Egypt.

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Company name: Tuborco SEA

Company name: Tuborco
Category: Steel tube and pipe
Business location: Alexandria, Egypt

Expertise: Welded steel pipe production.
Keywords: Welded tube, galvanised pipe, aluminized pipe.
Telephone number: 002 03 459 2278
Fax number: 002 03 459 3874
Website: www.tuborco.com
Email address: info@tuborco.com

Other information: Tuborco specialize in the manufacture of welded hot, cold, galvanized and aluminized steel tubes.

Tuborco was founded in 1987. The firm is ISO 9001 certified.

The firm produces round, square, oval and rectangular tubes. The company is also involved in the manufacture and installation of greenhouses.

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