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Company name: GMR

Company name: General Metal Recyclers
Category: Scrap metal recycling and sales.
Business location: Wellington, New Zealand

Expertise: Scrap metal business.
Keywords: Scrap metal collection, recycling and sales
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Telephone: +64 0800 273 873

Other information: General Metal Recyclers process all types of metal to strict industry standards. The firm is 100% Kiwi-owned and offers a unique free scrap bin delivery and scrap metal collection service.

GMR provides a recycling service for all types of scrap metal from modern depots in Lower Hutt and Levin.

General Metal Recyclers will buy all your scrap metal including copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminium, power cables, hot water tanks and any other bulk metal waste including car bodies, laser cuttings (skeletons), transformers, batteries, punchings, bushelling, turnings (swarf), high temp alloys, plate and structural steel, obsolete machinery and equipment.

GMR also offer a weigh and pay service; plant and equipment collection and clearouts using grapple trucks and excavators with grapple-shears; and auto recycling using mobile car balers.

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