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Company Name: HKS Scrap Metals

Company name: HKS Scrap Metals B.V.
Category: Scrap metal recycling company.
Location: Gravendeel, Holland

Expertise: Recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Keywords: Shredders, scissors, presses, high-tech metal sorting.
Telephone: +31 88-6065000

Other information: HKS Scrap Metals B.V. has its origins in the recycling companies of the German steel company Klockner of the eighties. The name HKS Metals however, was formed as of 1993 after the merger of Klockner with the recycling companies of the steel group Hoogovens Metals from IJmuiden (now Tata Steel).

HKS use high-tech metal separation technologies, such as Infrared (NIR), X-ray, metal sensor, NF fines processing, CAT scans and color sorting.

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