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Company name: Leyal Ship Dismantling

Company name: Leyal Ship Recycling
Category: Scrap metal sales.
Business location: Izmir, Turkey

Expertise: Metal scrap recycling.
Keywords: Ship recycling, ship dismantling, ship demolition
Email address: info@leyal.com.tr
Telephone: +90.232.618.2030
Fax: +90.232.618.2033

Other information: The Leyal Ship Recycling Group (LEYAL Gemi Sokum) is the leading ship recycling facility in Turkey. Established in early 1980s, the Company has evolved to become the owner of the largest ship dismantling facilities in the country. With approximately 6 hectares of land dedicated to its operations, the company is capable of processing well in excess of 100,000 lightweight tonnes per year. LEYAL is fully licensed for its ship recycling operations by the relevant competent authorities in Turkey, namely the Ministry of Environment, the Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs, and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (in Turkey the three ministries jointly regulate the ship recycling industry).

The ship recycling facilities are located near the city of Aliaga on Turkey's Aegean coast, approximately 60 Km North of the port of Izmir. The surrounding area is a well-established industrial province (the largest in Turkey) also in close proximity to two major ports, an LNG and oil terminal, power generation plants, a major refinery and petrochemical sites. Aliaga is also home to a number of major steel mills.

LEYAL has recycled a wide range of ships and offshore units, including but not limited to FPSOs, FSOs, aircraft carriers, submarines, tankers, containerships and bulkers, with the largest vessels dismantled being in excess of 40,000 lightweight tons. LEYAL is the oldest ship recycling company in Turkey, also being the first to have implemented the European Waste Shipment Regulation for the recycling of ships into Turkey in the case of the German Navy destroyer 'Rommel'(2004). LEYAL is also a founding member and board member of the International Ship Recycling Association (2007) and a member of the BIMCO subcommittee that drafted the standard ship recycling sales contact RECYCLECON (2012).

The LEYAL Ship Recycling Facility is a well-established Yard that has been active for almost four decades and operates Plot no. 3 & 4 at Aliaga Beach for dismantling and recycling activities. LEYAL Group is also a founding member of the International Ship Recycling Association (ISRA), an international association of premier green recycling facilities based in the Netherlands.

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