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Company name: Metalx

Company name: Metalx Recycling Limited
Category: Scrap metal recycling.
Business location: Nisku, Canada

Expertise: Scrap metal sales.
Keywords: Processing, recycling & trading of metal scrap
Email address:
Telephone: +1 780-955-9594
Fax: +1 780-955-9496

Other information: Based in Nisku, Metalex Recycling Ltd works with scrap metal sellers including contractors, corporations and anyone who is looking to recycle metals and develop an asset recovery program. This includes, but is not limited to: demolition scrap, fabrication scrap, rig equipment, farm equipment, appliances, casings, pipes, radiators, catalytic converters, vehicles, oil and gas plant equipment and/or other scrap.

Metalex recycle the follows metals. Aluminum (incl aluminum cans, aluminum wire, car wheels, cast aluminum, copper / aluminum fins, extrusion aluminum), brass (incl aluminum bronze, CM brass, cupronickel, faucet brass, hard brass, manganese brass, phosphor brass, red brass), copper (including #1 copper (bright & shiny), #1 copper pipe, #1 copper wire, #2 copper, #3 copper, exterior flashings, motor rewinds, radiators. tech cable, insulated wire / cable), lead (including soft lead, wheel weights), specialty alloys (cobalt alloys, Inconel / Monel, nickel alloys, nickel-copper alloys, titanium, tungsten), common stainless steel (304, 316, 400, SS turnings, borings & shavings), carbon steel (incl chips & turnings, farm scrap, heavy melt, manufacturing scrap, oil and gas scrap & equipment, rig scrap, structural scrap, baled tin, white goods, vehicle bodies), and zinc.

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