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Company name: MRC Scrap Metals

Company name: MRC
Category: Recycling and Scrap Processing.
Business location: Amghara Industrial Area, Kuwait

Expertise: Processing of ferrous scrap.
Keywords: Collection, segregation, processing, scrap recycling.
Email address:
Telephone: +965 245 77 773 / 4 / 5
Fax: +965 246 72 168

Other information: MRC is a leading eco-industrial company headquartered and listed in Kuwait. Environmentally and socially committed, MRC has been offering sustainable waste management, recycling and industrial solutions to government, oil and gas, petrochemicals, manufacturing and commercial clients since 1987.

MRC is actively involved in the management and execution of large scale facility dismantling, decommissioning and asset disposal projects.

The company offers customers a wide range of ferrous products including HMS 1 and 2, shredded steel scrap and re-rolling scrap. They also offer an extensive range of non-ferrous material including copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel in loose, bundled and shredded form.

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