Oya Metals Recycling Company - Libya.

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Company name: Oya Metals Recycling Company

Company name: Oya Metals Recycling Company
Category: Scrap metal recycling.
Business location: Tripoli, Libya

Expertise: Scrap metal processing and sales.
Keywords: Full service metals and plastic recycling
Website: http://oyametals.com
Email address: info@oyametals.com
Telephone: +218 217 272 744

Other information: Oya Metals Recycling Company is one of the leading recycling and exporting companies based in Tripoli, Libya. Initially a ferrous metal scrap dealing business, the company has recently moved into recycling of plastics. Currently, the firm exports much plastic scrap such as LDPE Scrap, HDPE Scrap, PE Scrap, PP Scrap, BOPP Scrap, PET Scrap, PVC Scrap, PMMA Scrap, PS Scrap, and PC Scrap.

The company has its own yards, warehouses and can export scrap metal worldwide.

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