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Company name: TSR

Company name: TSR
Category: Scrap metal recycling services.
Business location: Lunen, Germany

Expertise: Recycling of ferrous scrap.
Keywords: Shearing, shredding, baling, crushing
Email address:
Telephone: +49 2306 106-3800
Fax: +49 2306 106-399-3800

Other information: TSR Recycling GmbH & Co. KG was originally founded as Thyssen Sonnenberg Recycling. Now known more simply as TSR, the company is now one of the leading firms in Europe offering steel and non-ferrous scrap metal recycling services. With a history stretching back more than 120 years, the TSR Group today employs around 2500 people who work at 140 business locations across Europe, Russia and China.

TSR Group's production plants are home to 36 scrap metal shears, 25 balers, 10 shredders as well as diverse crushers and facilities for separating non-ferrous metals.

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