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Company name: Finnish Steel Painting

Company name: FSP Finnish Steel Painting Oy
Category: Steel sector industrial services
Business location: Vantaa, Finland

Expertise: Surface treatment of metals.
Keywords: Protection of metal surfaces.
Telephone number: +358 50 400 2082
Email address:

Other information: FSP was founded in Finland in 1964. In 2007 FSP started expanding abroad by establishing a subsidiary - FSP Steel Painting OU - and by opening a surface treatment shop in Saue, Estonia. Two years later the expansion in Estonia continued with the opening of another surface treatment shop in Juri. International growth continued into Poland in 2010 with the opening of a surface treatment shop in Stargard and the founding of a subsidiary comp[any called FSP Steel Painting Sp. Z o.o.

In 2012, FSP won a large contract in Sweden. The order included surface treatment of a total of six bridges. Simultaneously FSP founded For Surface Protection Sverige Filial, a branch company in Sweden.

In 2016 FSP started operations in Norway.

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