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Company name: Harsco

Company name: Harsco Metals & Minerals
Category: Steel mill materials processing
Business location: Pennsylvania, USA [Corporate HQ]

Expertise: Material processing.
Keywords: Slag recycling, metal recovery, dust & sludge processing, scrap management, ladle metallurgy, steel melt shop services.
Telephone number: +1 724-741-6600 (North America)
Telephone number: +44 (0) 1372 381-400 (Europe)

Other information: Harsco's steel mill services include onsite logistics, semi-finished product dimensioning and scarfing, and the recycling of steelmaking by-products.

The company specialises in processing steel slag, millscale, refractories, dusts, sludges, and also steelmaking flue gases, each of which relies on a different resource recovery technology.

Harsco also provide ladle metallurgy services, using their own manufactured metallurgical additive products which can offer higher performance than traditional lime or calcium aluminate alternatives.

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