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Company name: Vesuvius

Company name: Vesuvius
Category: Steel mill services
Business location: London, UK

Expertise: Molten metal flow engineering.
Keywords: Steel flow control, advanced refractories, technical services.

Other information: Vesuvius's flow control business sprovides products and systems that are used extensively in the continuous casting process, enabling steel to be cast without interruption, while protecting it from the atmosphere when passing through the production process.

Vesuvius's advanced refractories business supplies the steel industry and other process industries with high performance refractory materials used for lining vessels such as blast furnaces, ladles and tundishes to enable them to withstand high temperatures and/or corrosive attack. These refractory lining materials are supplied in the form of powder mixes, which are spray-applied or cast onto the vessels to be lined ('monolithics'), or in pre-cast shapes and bricks.

Vesuvius's technical services business complements existing product lines by bringing new services to existing customers, centred on the capture of manufacturing data in order to improve process management.

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