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Company name: Carron Automotive

Company name: Carron Automotive
Category: Metal stamping company
Business location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Expertise: Fabrication of automotive steel parts.
Keywords: Steel stamping, laser cutting, automotive assemblies.
Telephone number: +55 (12) 3141-9100
Email address:

Other information: Carron Automotive, a metal manufacturing company, has been in business since 2001. Carron produces prototype, experimental, short-run and high volume production metal parts. The company also supplies stampings, laser cutting services, assemblies, painting services (KTL) and tools development support.

The origins of the company are from Dearborn, Michigan, USA; and date back to the year 1950. Today, the firm's main capabilities are in metal stamping (presses range from 80 to 800 tons), painting (powder coating), welding and laser cutting.

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