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Company name: Iskra Mehanizmi

Company name: Iskra Mehanizmi
Category: Fabrication of auto stampings
Business location: Kropa, Slovenia.

Expertise: Stamping parts, plastic injections parts, solenoids, actuators
Keywords: Automotive stampings incl headlamps, motors, switches, actuators
Telephone number: +386 4 53 55 107
Email address:

Other information: Iskra Mehanizmi was established in 1956. Today the firm is a development supplier for high demanding mechatronic solutions in automotive, medical and appliance applications.

Auto components supplied include stamping headlamp components [high precision stamping parts for different purposes such as bulb shields, heat sinks], exhaust systems, park brake switches, door latch actuators, adaptive front light system (AFS) actuator [headlamp component], oil switches, solenoids for automatic transmission, etc.

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