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Company name: Acciaierie Venete SPA

Company name: Acciaierie Venete SPA
Category: Engineering Steel
Business location: Padova, Italy

Expertise: Engineering Steel.
Keywords: Case Hardening Steels, Steels For Quenching And Tempering, Low Alloy Steels, Bearing Steels, Boron Steels, Steels For Screws And Bolts, Hot-Rolled Flats And Squares, Heat-Treated Bars.

Telephone number: +39 049 828 2820
Fax: +39 049 870 0515
Email address:

Other information: Acciaierie Venete first began producing steel in 1957 operating in the field of commodities: ingots, billets and rebars. At the beginning of the 1980s, the company commenced production of high quality long products, a process which led to it becoming one of Europe's leading producers of engineering steel.

The company has not only grown and developed internally (by investing in human resources, technology, processes and products) but also externally (with the acquisition in 2003 of the Sarezzo, Mura and Dolce plants).A wide range of products (high quality bars, continuously cast round bars, wire rods and billets), coupled with an extensive commercial network, have enabled the company to add a number of major industrial names in the global steel market to its client list.

Main products sold by the firm include case hardening steels [18NiCrMo5 - 20MoCr4 - series SAE - series ZF], steels For quenching and tempering [42CrMo4 - 39NiCrMo3 - A193B7 - series SAE], low alloy steels, bearing steels [100Cr6 - Grade 55], boron steels, steels for screws and bolts, hot rolled flats and squares, heat-treated bars. The company also sells semi-finished steel - billets and blooms [bars from 120mm to 600 mm] and slabs [from 220x160mm to 380x200mm].

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