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Company name: Aichi Steel

Company name: Aichi Steel
Category: Steelmaking - advanced materials
Business location: Plants at Wanowari, Kariya & Chonburi, Japan

Expertise: Special Steels.
Keywords: Specialty Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, SBQ, Titanium, Forged Products, Electro-Magnetic Products.

Telephone number: +81 (52) 604-1111
Fax: +81 (52) 603-1835
Email address:

Other information: Aichi Steel is the only material manufacturer within the Toyota Group.

The operation was established in 1934 as a steelmaking division at Toyoda Automatic Loom Works (today’s Toyota Industries Corporation). This steel division was then spun off in 1940 to establish the Toyota Steel Works Limited. 1943 saw the start of operations at the Chita Plant, and the firm changed its name to the Aichi Steel Corporation in 1945. Forge shop operations commenced in 1964, with start up of a 6,000 ton forging press in 1978. Continuous billet casting started in in 1985, with operation of the No 2 Bar Mill beginning in 1985. In 1997, the firm established a forging joint venture - the Louisville Forge and Gearworks LLC - in Kentucky USA. (This became a 100% subsidiary in 1999). Additionally, the company established the Shanghai Aichi Forging Co Ltd as a joint venture in Shanghai, China in 2002.

Today, the company has a head office in Aichi, and production plants in Chita (steelmaking and rolling), Kariya (steel rolling) and Chonburi (steel forgings plant).

Main products manufactured by the works include carbon steels (flat and round SBQ bars, for gears, drive shafts etc); alloy steels (flat and round SBQ bars, SMn420-SMn443, SMnC420-SMnC443 and similar grades - for differential gears, inner and outer races, pinions, cylinder shafts, etc); H-shaped steel with guaranteed hardenability for structural use (e.g. SCr415H-SCr440H, SCM415H-SCM822H and similar pitting resistant gear steels, high impact fatique strength steel); alloy steel bolting materials; microalloyed steel (e.g. SVd40-SVd53, SVd40K and similar grades - steels that are often used for induction hardened parts); boron steels (e.g. SMnB440-SMnB445 grades - with boron added for increased hardenability); spring steels (for truck plate springs) and high carbon chrome bearing steel (for automotive and truck bearings).

The product also includes stainless steel products (round bar, angles, channels, flats, H-beams, T-bars, custom welded shapes); rebar (including austenite stainless steel reinforcement bars, ferrite stainless steel reinforcement bars); stainless steel for use with high-pressure hydrogen; stainless steels for building structures (including plate, pipe, bar, fasteners). It also includes titanium bar products (rounds, flats, angles); forged products (automotive engine components; steering, chassis and transmission components; drive components, hot extruded products); tool steel (cold work tool steel, hot work tool steel); electro-magnetic products (including soft magnetic and non-magnetic stainless steels).

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