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Company name: Iran Alloy Steel Co.

Company name: Iran Alloy Steel Co.
Category: Speciality Steels
Business location: Yazd, Iran

Expertise: Alloy and Special Steel.
Keywords: Heat Treated Steel, Cold Work Tool Steel, Heat Resistant Steel, Saw Steel, Valve Steel, Plastic Mould Steel, High Temperature Steel, Stainless Steel.

Telephone number: +98 353 725 3090-96
Fax: +98 353 725 4680
Other information: The Iran Alloy Steel Company (IASCO) is well known as a leading alloy & special steels producer in Iran and the Middle East and one of the most advanced alloy steel producers in the world. Built in 1999, IASCO comprises a steel shop, section mills and heat treatment and finishing plants.

IASCO products are extensively used in different industries that include oil and petrochemicals, power generation, automotive parts, machinery, tool making, and the medical & surgical industries.

The main production units of Iran Alloy Steel Company are the steel making shop, a heavy section mill, a light section mill, a heat treatment and finishing plant, a finishing and inspection workshop and a central laboratory.

Main products sold by the firm include heat treated steel, tool steel (cold work, hot work and plastic mould steel), heat resistant steel, saw steel, valve steel, high temperature steel, stainless steel. Other grades produced include construction steel, cold extrusion steel, free-cutting steel, spring steel, micro alloy steel, bearing steel, case hardening steel, nitriding steel.

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