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Company name: Kiveton Park Steel

Company name: Kiveton Park Steel
Category: Steelmaking
Business location: Kiveton Park, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Expertise: Special Engineering Steel Bar And Wire.
Keywords: Cold Heading & Cold Forming, Springmakers, Precision Machining, Aircraft Industry, Specialty Steel Products.

Telephone number: +44 (0) 1909 770252
Fax: +44 (0) 1909 772949
Email address:

Other information: Kiveton Park Steel is a quality manufacturer of bright engineering steel bar and wire, accredited for making products required in the Automotive (ISO TS 16949), Aircraft (AS EN 9100), Cold Forming and Machined Parts industries. The firm manufactures a comprehensive range of wire and bar in round and shaped alloy and engineering steels for the manufacture of hot and cold coiled springs for critical applications.

  Kiveton Park Steel is the specialist in bright drawing and heat treatment of alloy and carbon engineering steels with full quality control at each process stage, including 100% non-destructive testing through ultrasonic and surface defect detection. Located close to Sheffield, England, which is the birthplace of steelmaking, the company is ideally located for all major road, rail and sea ways.

The company operates a progressive health & safety policy with award-winning initiatives and is committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance, having approval to BS EN ISO 14001.

Main products sold by the firm include high tensile stainless steels, high integrity steels For aerospace applications, duplex stainless steels,  electro slag remelted (ESR), vacuum arc remelted (VAR), manganese chrome, freecutting steel, chrome nickel, tool steels, chrome nickel molybdenum, high speed steel, carbon chrome , stainless & alloy steel, carbon Steel, silicon chromium nickel steel, silicon chrome steel.

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