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Company name: SIJ Metal Ravne d.o.o.

Company name: Metal Ravne
Category: Engineering Steel
Business location: Ravne na Koroskem, Slovenia

Expertise: Special Steel.
Keywords: Specialty steel products, rolled products, forged products, machined forgings, electroslag remelted ingot, ESR ingot.

Telephone number: +386 2 870 7000
Fax: +386 2 870 7219
Email address:

Other information: SIJ Metal Ravne is one of the biggest specialty steel companies in Europe. SIJ Metal Ravne produce a broad range of more than 200 steel grades in different dimensional shapes - from carbon and alloyed structural steels to tool and special steels in the form of rolled and forged products.

Main products sold by the firm include hot work tool steel [premium-grade high-temperature tool steel used to manufacture complex tools such as moulds, die casting tools, high pressure die casting tools, cores, hot cutting and extrusion tools.], cold work tool steels [typically used for cyclically loaded tools such as punches, presses, dies for the compaction of powders; as well as knives, blades, forging, rolling and deep drawing tools], plastic mould steel [used for the manufacture of moulds for plastics, synthetic resins and rubber products], high-speed steel [alloyed with molybdenum and tungsten], machined forgings, structural steel. The company also manufactures electroslag remelted (ESR) ingots for sale.

Metal Ravne is a subsidiary of SIJ - the Slovenian Steel Group. The steel division of the Slovenian Steel Group also has ownership of SIJ Acroni - a producer of flat rolled steel products. Acroni is a leading producers of stainless steel quarto plates and wear resistant, high tensile, tool and other special steel quarto plates.

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