Ori Martin SBQ bar rod Italy.

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Company name: Ori Martin

Company name: Ori Martin
Category: Engineering Steel
Business location: Brescia, Italy

Expertise: Special Steel, SBQ
Keywords: Continuous casting billets, Hot rolled wire rod, Hot rolled round bars, Cold drawn bars, Peeled bars, Turned bar, Gundrilled bars, Spring wire, Cold heading steels, Suspension springs steels, Quenching & Tempering steels, Micro-alloyed forging steels, Welding special steels, Tools steels, Mid-high carbon drawing steels.

Telephone number: +39 030 39 991
Fax: +39 030 20 00 924
Website: www.orimartin.com
Email address: info@orimartin.it

Other information: Founded in 1933, Ori Martin developed over time into an electric arc furnace steel mill to produce continuous casting billets and hot rolled wire rod, bars in coils and alloy steel bars for special applications in the automotive sector, such as nuts and bolts, suspension springs, torsion bars, steering components and mechanics in general. The company also has facilities for annealing and tempering thermal treatments.

Main products sold by the firm include hot rolled engineering steel grades for the automotive and mechanical industry (including continuous cast billets, hot rolled wire rod, hot rolled round bars), bright engineering steel (including cold drawn bar, peeled bars, spring steel), construction steel (including strand for prestressed reinforced concrete) as well as cold heading steels, micro-alloyed forging steels, welding special steels, tool steel, high temperature resistance steels, free cutting steels and surface hardening steels.

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