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Company name: Sanyo Special Steel Company

Company name: Sanyo Special Steel Company Limited
Category: Engineering Steel
Business location: Hyogo, Japan

Expertise: Specialty Steels
Keywords: Special Steel Products, Bearing Steel, SBQ Engineering Steel, Stainless Steel, Heat Resistant Steel And Tool Steel, Metal Powders, Powder Metallurgy Products, Special Steel Bars And Tube.

Telephone number: +81-79-235-6003
Fax: 81-79-234-8571
Email address:

Other information: Sanyo Special Steel Group offers 'Steel You Can Count On' manufactured by incorporating high-cleanliness steel manufacturing technology into the production process.

Sanyo Special Steel is the only Japanese special steel manufacturer that has seamless tubes manufacturing equipment, and produces bearing steel, engineering steel, spring steel, stainless steel and nickel alloy.

Products of the Sanyo Special Steel Group include engineering steel (containing either nickel, chromium, molybdenum or carbon, or combinations thereof, for high strength, toughness, fatigue strength and hardenability), bearing steel (high cleanliness steels featuring high wear resistance and high rolling fatigue strength), tool steel (with high shock resistance, wear resistance, fatigue strength and high-temperature strength) for the production of tools and dies; and stainless steel and heat resistant steel (characterized by high corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance). The firm also manufactures nickel alloy steels which feature superior high-temperature strength, corrosion resistance and heat resistance - these steels can be used in harsh environments where standard stainless and heat resistant steels cannot be used.

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