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Company name: Voestalpine Precision Strip Ab

Company name: Voestalpine Precision Strip Ab
Category: Engineering Steel
Business location: Munkfors, Sweden

Expertise: Cold-Rolled Strip Steel.
Keywords: Precision strip steel, bimetal strip, wood saw steel, flatbed steel rules, rotary steel rules.

Telephone number:  +46 563 160 00
Fax:  +46 563 160 00
Website: www.voestalpine.com/precision-strip/
Email address: precision-strip@voestalpine.com

Other information: Voestalpine Precision Strip is a manufacturer of cold-rolled strip steel meeting the highest quality standards available. The firm has production and distribution companies in Austria, Sweden and the United States as well as sales subsidiaries in the United States, China, Spain and Mexico.

Main products sold by the firm include precision strip steel, bimetal strip, wood band saw steel, coater blades, creping blades, flapper valve steel, needle steel, flatbed and rotary steel rules, rule die steel, clicking die steel, stone saw steel.

Precision strip steels include corrosion resistant steels (ferritic chrome steels, martensitic chrome steel, austenitic chrome-nickel and chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel, precipitation-hardening steel), creep resistant steels, engineering steels (case hardening and heat treatable steel), spring steel, cold work steel as well as special steel grades (including backing strip steel for bimetal, magnetic soft iron such as Remko, non-magnetisable steel).

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