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Company name: Marubeni Corp

Company name: Marubeni Corporation
Category: Metals and minerals & steel distribution
Business location: Tokyo, Japan

Expertise: Iron ore, coal, coke, steel, copper, aluminium
Keywords: Business conglomerate
Telephone number: +81 3-3282-2111
Fax: 81-3-3282-4241
Email address:

Other information: Headquartered in Tokyo, founded in 1858 and incorporated in 1949, Marubeni Corp is involved in a broad range of business sectors that include metals and minerals, steel, food, consumer products, chemicals and forest products, energy and transportation.

The metals and mineral resources division is involved in the iron ore, coal, and copper mining, as well as smelting and refining of aluminum and magnesium. Other divisional activities include the trading of iron ore, coal, ferroalloys, and ferrous raw materials; and of non-ferrous metals, ingots, and related products. Marubeni has a 15% ownership stake in the Roy Hill Iron Ore Project - a large-scale project featuring the largest annual production capacity as a single iron mine in the Western Australia's Pilbara region. With integrated infrastructure including mine, railway and port facilities, and having a capacity of producing 55 million tonnes of iron ore per year, the Roy Hill mine also achieves high cost competitiveness. Marubeni also has ownership of coking coal mines in Australia, including the Jellinbah East coal mine and the Lake Vermont coal mine. Marubeni also holds a 30% stake in the Centinela and Antucoya copper mines, and a 9.21% stake in the Los Pelambres copper mine in Chile (mines that are operated together with Antofagasta PLC). Marubeni also holds a 13.3% equity stake in the Alouette Aluminum Smelter in Canada - the largest production capacity smelter in North America.

The steel products division is involved in steel distribution through its equity investment in Marubeni-Itochu Steel. The division also has ownership of the Marubeni Construction Material Lease Company which is involved in the leasing of temporary heavy steel construction materials such as scaffolding.

Other divisions include transportation and industrial machinery, an aerospace and ship division, a power and infrastructure group, an energy business, plus a agri-business and chemicals division. THe firm also has a next-generation business development division (child education businesses , next-generation retail, new materials and technologies, smart infrastructure etc).

The firm's motto is Sei, Shin, Wa which means 'Fairness, Innovation and Harmony'. This slogan has been the company creed since the firm's foundation.

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