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Company name: Sinosteel

Company name: Sinosteel Corporation
Category: Minerals, metals steelmaking raw materials
Business location: Beijing, China [Headquarters]

Expertise: Exploitation of mineral resources
Keywords: Iron ore, chrome ore and nickel ore, coal, coke, ferroalloys, ferrous scrap
Telephone number: +86-10-6268 6689
Fax: +86-10-6268 6688
Email address:

Other information: Sinosteel Corporation is an enterprise under the administration of the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. Sinosteel is mainly engaged in developing and processing of metallurgical mineral resources, trading and logistics of metallurgical raw materials and products, and related engineering technical services including equipment manufacture.

Sinosteel operates iron ore, chrome ore and nickel ore mines in China and in Australia, Cameroon, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Indonesia and the Philippines. Key mining and production assets include:

  • Channar Iron Ore, which is China's earliest foreign large-scale investment resource project, with an annual output of 10 mt of iron ore
  • Cangshan Iron Ore - Sinosteel's first domestic investment mining project. Iron ore reserves are about 75 mt, and an annual output is currently ~2.6 mt / year
  • The Lobe Iron Ore project in Cameroon. The first phase of this project is scheduled to yield 10 million tonnes of raw iron ore and ~4.2 million tonnes of 66% iron ore concentrate every year
  • Sinosteel Fuquan Mining - a highly cost-efficient mine with good environmental protection. Annual iron ore capacity is judged to be ~55 million tonnes
  • Liutangfang Mining - one of many projects in Anhui Province with a designed annual ore processing capability of ~1.5 mt
  • Sinosteel Samancor Chrome Mineral Ltd - a joint venture centred on chrome ore mining and ferrochrome smelting. Sinosteel holds a 50% ownership stake in this South African venture which has over 70 million tons of chrome ore reserves
  • ASA Metal in South Africa - a project that includes a chrome ore mine with an annual output of 400,000 tonnes and a smelting plant with annual capacity of 360,000 tons of ferrochrome. The ASA Metal mine has chromite resource of ~80 mt
  • Zimasco Chrome Ore in Zimbabwe - a project tht has 118 million tons of chromite resources, 478 billion cubic meters of coalbed methane and annually outputs 180,000 tons of high-quality high carbon ferrochrome
  • Sinosteel Nickel Ore in Indonesia - a venture that owns exploration right covering 5137 hectares and cooperative mining rights of 300 hectares with more than 17 million tonnes of proven reserves
  • The Sinosteel Philippines H.Y. Mining Project - which has reserves ~30 million tons of nickel ore and of ~2 mt of chromic oxide ore sand.

Established in 1993 in Beijing, China, Sinosteel Corp is today involved in the trading of various grades of ore, carbon and stainless steels, base and minor metals along with ferro alloys. The company also trades in ferrous scrap.

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