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Company name: ATG Deutschland

Company name: ATG Deutschland
Category: Steel Trading
Business location: Mulheim, Germany

Expertise: International steel trading.
Keywords: Trading and processing of construction sector steel products.
Telephone number: +49 208 /9995-101
Fax number: +49 208 /9995-179
Email address:

Other information: ATG Deutschland have branches in Mulheim, Monheim, Niemegk, Schwerin and Rostock. Traded products include beams, steel bars, rods and wire mesh; as well as welded reinforcement elements such as girders, supports and foundations for structural and civil engineering work.

Reinforcing steel in bars is B500B; and is hot rolled, surface ribbed, highly ductile, with properties according to DIN 488.

Rebar in coil is B500A/B500B, surface ribbed, normal ductile or highly ductile, properties according to DIN 488. Reinforcing steel in coils is either hot-rolled and then cold-stretched or cold-rolled from wire rod and wound onto transportable coils.

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