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Company name: Leeco Steel

Company name: Leeco Steel
Category: Steel Product Trading
Business location: Chicago, USA

Expertise: International steel trading.
Keywords: Trading in finished steel products.
Telephone number: +1 630-427-2100
Fax number: +1 630-427-2190
Email address:

Other information: Leeco Steel trades flat and long steel products, coated steel, coils and steel pipe with customers who need a minimum quantity of 500 MT. Leeco Steel Trading offers complete global logistical services and will work with clients on financing solutions.

Key products sold include high strength low alloys, heavy steel plate, abrasion resistant steels (with greater hardness properties than low-carbon steel), high and low-carbon non-structural steels, and alloy quenched and tempered steel plate (for applications that must withstand severe impact and abrasion).

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