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Company name: Macsteel International

Company name: Macsteel International
Category: Steel Trading
Business location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Expertise: International steel trading.
Keywords: Steel trading, raw materials, non-ferrous metals.
Telephone number: +31 20-642-4361
Fax number: +31 20-404-4307
Email address:

Other information: The Macsteel Group has been trading steel around the globe for over 30 years. Today, steel products are traded through three regional hubs located strategically in New York, Hong Kong and Dubai. Macsteel's main traded steel products include hot and cold rolled coil, billets, wire rod, slabs, stainless steel, reinforced bar, tubes and pipes, galvanized and engineered steel products as well as iron ore.

MUR Group B.V., also headquartered in Amsterdam, is the international shipping division of the Macsteel Group. Over the past 25 years MUR has been developed as a standalone business, transporting dry cargo around the globe. MUR has grown from shipping 1 million tonnes of cargo a year in 1995 to more than 45 million tonnes today.

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