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Company name: Steel Canada Limited

Company name: Steel Canada Limited
Category: Steel Trading
Business location: Ontario, Canada

Expertise: International steel trading.
Keywords: Hot and cold rolled & coated steel + ferrous scrap (auto shredded, HMS & turnings).
Telephone number: +1 905-890-0209
Email address:

Other information: With more than 30 years of industry experience, Steel Canada Limited (SCL) has become North America's largest direct exporter of Secondary, Excess Prime and Over Rolled steel. SCL stock an average of 40,000 Metric Tonnes (88,000,000 Lbs) and ship more than 120,000 Metric Tonne (264,000,000 Lbs) of raw materials and value-added metals annually across the globe.

Crown Freight Forwarders (CFF) is SCL's vertically integrated in-house freight forwarding company, and serves the freight management and logistical needs of both Steel Canada Limited (SCL) and Steel Canada Resources Limited (SCRL). Incorporated in 1993, CFF maintains strong relationships with the world's largest shipping lines.

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