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Company name: Tajima Steel

Company name: Tajima Steel
Category: Steel Trading
Business location: Osaka, Japan

Expertise: Sale of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Keywords: Free cutting steel, tool steel, steel strip, wire.
Telephone number: +81-6-6764-4703
Fax number: +81-6-6766-3624

Other information: The Tajima Steel Company has been engaged in the sale of steel products since 1911. They are a global ferrous and non-ferrous metal trader; can deal with small lot supply; and offer precision machining and metal processing.

Traded products include steel strip (including stainless steel for spring produced by top steel makers) and engineering steel (free-cutting grades). Tajima also sells stainless steel wire (for mesh, cable, wire rope or welding), and tool steel (including "YSS" brand steel rod, which can be supplied to customers after cutting, milling or surface treatment).

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