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Company name: Trasteel

Company name: Trasteel
Category: Steel Trading
Business location: Lugano, Switzerland

Expertise: International steel trading.
Keywords: Steel trading, raw materials, refractories, steam coal.
Telephone number: +41 91 910 5300
Fax number: +41 91 910 5353
Email address:

Other information: Trasteel is a multi-geographical player with major focus on steel trading in China, Middle East, Europe, CIS countries, South Africa and South America.

The firm's mission is to supply and deliver high quality materials at the most competitive price and in the shortest time possible, offering financing solutions and technical assistance where required with the aim of establishing long-lasting partnerships.

Main traded products are as follows.

  • Steel: Billets and slabs for rerollers; flat products for the automotive and white goods industry
  • Steelmaking raw materials: including iron ore fines and lumps; PCI and coking coals from ex-CIS countries; met coke from China and Colombia; HBI from Venezuela and Malaysia
  • Graphite Electrodes: from certified Chinese suppliers
  • Refractory materials: including magnesia carbon bricks for converters, electric arc furnaces and ladles
  • Non-ferrous metal: including aluminum metal supplied in Europe and Turkey; copper, traded in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia and supplied in standard grade cathodes, off-grade cathodes, anodes, blister, copper cements and scrap; and tin, traded mainly from Africa.

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