Merchant pig iron & merchant coke supply firms.
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Pig Iron & Met Coke

Links to leading merchant suppliers

Merchant Coke Suppliers

BHP Billiton [Sales and marketing of coking coals; Australia]
Drummond Company [Largest merchant coke producer in the U.S.]
DTE Energy Services [Petroleum coke (PetCoke) for kilns and boilers, USA]
Gujarat NRE Coke [Large independent producer of met coke in India]
Hooghly Met Coke and Power [Now a division of Tata Steel, India]
Polski Koks S.A. [Largest coke exporter in the world, Poland]
Saurashtra Fuels [Manufacturer of low ash metallurgical coke, India]
Sesa Goa [Producer of iron ore, pig iron, metallurgical coke; India]
Shanxi Antai Group [Manufacture and sale of coal, coke, pig iron; China]
Sun Coke [Metallurgical coke for integrated steel making; USA]
Tonawanda Coke [Merchant producer of high-performance foundry coke]

Merchant Pig Iron Suppliers

Chusovoy [Vanadium cast iron, Russian Federation]
Cosipar [Pig iron for production of steel and castings, Brazil]
HIsmelt Kwinana [Supply of 4.5kg 'pigs' from HIsmelt Kwinana jv facility]
Makeyevski [Pig iron supply; Ukraine]
Metalsider [Pig iron for the Brazilian market]
MMX [Major South American supplier, Brazil] 
Sesa Group [Supplier of pig iron - Vedanta Group, India]
Tulachermet [Russia's largest exporter of commercial pig iron]

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