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Educational Resources

A Research Guide [Industry research guide for students] 
PSIgate [UK Physical Science Information Gateway] 


Metal Miner [Sourcing & Trading Intelligence for Global Metals Markets]
Nerds of Steel [James Moss, Tony Taccone, Jessica Wagner]
Republic of Mining [Stan Sudol's blog]
Steel industry photography [Viktor Macha photo collection]
Steelonthenet [Andrzej M Kotas]
Steel Strip World [Steve Sawford]

Forums and Discussion Boards

UK Welder Forum [Help with welding steel]

Press Releases

Engineering Talk [Information site - design automation engineers] 


Gawdawiki [Gas and welding Wiki]]


Coal  [Barlow Jonker coal industry portal] 
Construction  [Building industry news and information] 
Machine Tools  [Machining industry web site] 
Mining  [Mining news equipment products and services] 
Plant automation  [Robotics and automation info] 

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