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Seamless and Welded Tube

Agrisovgaz [Round steel welded tubes, hollow sections; Russia]
Ahwaz Tube Mills [Iran]
Almetyevsk Plant [OMK Group, Russia]
Asia Steel Tubes Industries [India]
Borusan Mannesmann Boru [Turkey]
Corinth Works [HFIW and SSAW pipe mills, Greece]
Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant [ChTPZ, Russia]
Dofasco Tubular Products [USA]
Erciyas [Producer of spiral-welded (SAW) steel pipes, Turkey]
Estar Holding [Engels Pipe Works & Volgograd Small Diameter Pipe]
Ferpinta [Precision steel tubes & hollow structural sections, Portugal]
Fine Tubes [United Kingdom]
Froch Enterprise Company Limited [Taiwan]
General Sider Italiana [Italy]
Filit Tube Factory [Moscow Tube Works, Russian Federation]
IPSCO [Now part of the TMK Group]
JFE Steel Corporation [Japan]
Kominmet [Square and rectangular hollow sections and pipes, Ukraine]
Magnum Strips & Tube [India]
Nizhnedneprovsky Tube Rolling Plant [Ukraine]
Northwest Pipe Company [ERW carbon steel pipe, USA]
Padana Tubi [Carbon steel welded tubes and pipe, Italy]
Paramount Roll Steel Pipe Bending [Bending of tubes, pipes, beams] Robor Steel, Tube and Pipe [South Africa]
Saudi Pipes Company [Saudi Arabia]
Solaris Industries [Tubing manufacturers - North Carolina, USA]
Southland Pipe & Supply Co [Carbon steel pipe, USA]
Spindo [Water, oil & gas, mechanical and general pipe, Indonesia]
Tauring Group [Pipe and tube bending machines, Italy]
Tenaris [OCTG and line pipe for the energy sector, Luxembourg]
TMK [Seversky, Sinarsky, Taganrog, Volzhsky]
Tosyali Holding [Osmaniye, Turkey]
Trubostal [Wholesale and retail supply of tubular products, Russia]
Tubacero [Longitudinally welded carbon steel line pipe, Mexico]
Tubacex [Spain]
Tubing Central [Stainless steel & nickel alloy tubing, USA]
Tube Supply International [Heat exchanger & boiler tubes, UK]
Tubos Argentinos [Argentina]
Umran [Turkey]
Volgorechensk [Welded pipes with diameters 42-159mm, Russia]
Vyksa [Heavy plate and LDP - OMK Group, Russia]
VVT Vitkovice Valcovna Trub [Seamless steel tubes, Czech Republic]
Yucel Group [Cayirova Boru & Yucel Boru, Turkey]

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