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Scrap Metal Links & Information

BMRA [British Metals Recycling Association]
EIA Kids' Page [General information metals recycling ]
European Metal Recycling [Recycling targets & waste management]
Eurofer scrap specifications [European steel scrap specification]
Recycling light metals in end-of-life vehicles [TMS Lecture]
Scrap Metal Prices [Global market prices from]

Recyclers & Scrap Dealers

Adams Steel [Scrap metal recycler]
American Scrap Metal [Copper wire, stainless steel, nickel alloys]
Commercial Metals Company [Manufacture and steel recycling]
Connecticut Metal Industries [Recyclers of metal packaging scrap]
Metal Waste & Recycling [Large UK metal recycling firm]
Multirecyclage [Clean waste management solutions]
RML Metals Scrap Metal Recycling [Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal]
RNB Group [Importers of industrial, obsolete and other metal scrap]
Sims Metal Management [230 locations incl USA UK & Australia]

Stainless Steel Scrap Trading

Capricorn Stainless B.V [Stainless steel raw materials, Holland]
Cronimet [Scrap, primary metals, ferroalloys; Germany]
ELG Haniel Group [Stainless steel scrap recycling; Germany]
Gotoh [Stainless steel scrap, Japan]
Keywell [Stainless steel, alloy, titanium scrap; USA]
KMR Stainless AG [Chrome nickel scrap, Germany]
Metal One Corporation [Integrated trading house, Japan]

Steel Tin Cans

CanSmart [Steel can recycling campaign]

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