Suppliers of high and low carbon wire products.
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Steel Wire and Related Products

Suppliers of carbon and alloy drawn wires and mesh

Wire Products

Anping YongMing Coated Wire Mesh [Coated & welded wire] 
Austria Draht [Cable, pre-stressed concrete wire & strand] 
Bekaert [Advanced metal transformation & materials; Belgium] 
Bridon [Wire and wire rope manufacturers; UK] 
Brunton Shaw [Wire rope manufacturing; UK] 
Bruntons [Aviation industry cables and wires; UK] 
Byelorussian Steel Works [Wire and tyre cord; Byelorussia] 
Carrington Wire [Wire for bedding, seating, cold heading ...]
Certex [Strand and rope; UK] 
Crescent Steels [Spring, stainless, shutter, rope wire]
Ductil Steel [Bright & galvanised wire, woven mesh; Romania]
Junma Tyre Cord Company [Steel tyre cord; China]
Keystone Steel & Wire [Reinforcing mesh, fencing, nails, wire]
Kiswire [Special steel wire; Korea]
Knight Precision Wire [Precision engineered drawn wire; UK] 
Marlin Wire [Wire baskets, shelves, screens, grates, racks; USA] 
McNichols [Wire cloth / mesh; USA]
No 9 Wire Mesh Factory [Barbed wire, screen & mesh; China]
OneSteel [Mesh, fencing, strand, rope; Australia] 
Rothstein Draht [Brush wires, electrodes, roping wires]
Stainless Wire Rope [Sanlo Inc; North America] 
Scanrope [Maritime steel ropes; Norway] 
Silur [Ropes, mesh, fasteners; Ukraine] 
Tianjin Wire Mesh [Wire cloth, wire screen, wire fence; China] 
TWP [Wire mesh, cloth, stainless mesh, welded wire; US] 
Tokusen [Brass plated steel tire cord; USA] 
Usha Martin [Cable, cord, rope, sling, strand; India] 
Yinhe Wire Mesh [Barbed wire and metal fencing; China] 
ZDB [Steel ropes; Czech Republic] 

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