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Are you getting the most out of your blast furnaces? MCI can help.

Blast furnace operation is complex process. A fuel efficient and stable operation depends on several key parameters. Just like a racing car engine, blast furnace parameters have to be tuned to optimise efficiency. MCI has experience of assisting blast furnace operators to increase their injection rates to high levels.

We offer a holistic review of furnace operation. We can make an assessment of pulverised coal injection potential based on equipment and burden constituents. A plan can be formulated and discussed to make progressive and stepwise performance improvements. The initial assessment phase typically involves a short visit to audit the ironmaking operation and equipment and to outline an agreed improvement plan. After this, further visits or assistance can be arranged at a pace to suit operator needs.

Increasing PCI with improved stability will offer immediate payback. So why wait? Contact MCI now to help supertune your blast furnace - email today ...

A typical PCI injection performance improvement will involve a blast furnace that is operating at coal injection of perhaps 100 kg coal per tonne of hot metal or less - an injection rate which management may wish to increase to 150 kg/thm or more. Immediate next steps may not obvious; and the equipment supplier may be unwilling or unable to provide further support. In these circumstances - or even if a further independent view is required - MCI can appraise the current furnace operation and offer our own opinion on the way ahead in a stepwise process. Contact us now for a no-obligation quote or discussion.

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