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Press Release seemingly blocked by Chinese authorities


Access to world steel news and information portal apparently blocked in China

London, U.K. - June 21st 2005, the international iron and steel industry news and information portal, regrets to announce that access to its web site appears to have been blocked in China. Repeated reports from webmasters and site visitors attempting to access the site from servers in Shanghai and Beijing in recent weeks indicate a persistent denial of access that has not been evident elsewhere in the world. These access problems seem to have commenced around April 2005.

Commenting on these restrictions, CEO Andrew M Kotas said "Control of the internet in China is a phenomenon that has been widely reported on in the last few years. Most recent assessments however have suggested a censorship trend towards more targeted internet filtering in China, focused in the main on silencing Taiwanese independence movements, pro-democracy or anti-communist groups, human rights activists or other political opponents".

Adds Kotas " is a knowledge-sharing information portal that generates revenue from industry research and consultancy support. The business has no political agenda. Indeed, its success is predicated on its commercial focus and on the website's supply of timely and objective news, reports and statistics from a broad range of distinct and independent information sources".

Concludes Kotas "If communication is the lifeblood of business then commercial news censorship must be the first step to industrial decline. We therefore hope that the prohibition of we are witnessing today is not an early signal of broader censorship by the Chinese authorities but instead, simply a temporary consequence of mistaken or perhaps just overzealous blocking".


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Dr Andrew M Kotas


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