Iron & steel industry advertising & promotion services.
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Advertising Rates and Info

General information for advertisers offers steel industry firms, their suppliers and / or related organisations competitively priced advertising directed at the international iron and steel community.

We offer banner advertising for periods of one month or more involving fixed banner advertisements and / or rotating banner ads.

Our flexible advertising packages can be adapted for most steel sector audiences [by theme, geography or product type] and to all budgets. Pricing is typically based on a very competitive cost-per-click formula but fixed price packages starting from ~Euro 50 per graphic per month are also available. Discounts are also offered for multiple banners and / or for advertising periods covering two months or more. Click here to see our advertising rates.

To discuss how we can promote your product or service and help your business grow please call +44 775-149 0885 or email our business development team. We look forward to helping you!

Technical Information
As at January 2016 site traffic was at the level of ~85,000 visits / month [~250,000 monthly page views].

Current advertising CPC rates (cost per click) on the website are around Euro 1 (i.e. approx 1 Euro per click-through). These figures are representative for the whole site; for further price information please see our rate card.

Banner ads (static or dynamic) are usually accepted in standard 468x60 pixel format, or in 120 pixel widths for posting in our side panels. We kindly request all advertisers to restrict banner size to under 10kb (468x60 pixel graphics) or under 5kb (side panel ads) to maintain fast page loading otherwise surcharges may apply.

All advertisements are accepted at the discretion of our management, and all ad placements are subject to availability. Please therefore contact us well in advance where possible.