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Modernisation and capacity expansion projects 2022

CountryInvestorFacilityEquipmentCapacity ktCapex $m
BosniaArcelorMittalZenicaCHP power plant14.45 MW58
BrazilGerdauPindamonhangabaBillet caster400132
BrazilNew Steel, ValeMinas GeraisDry magnetic ore concn1500100
ChinaJinding SteelHandan City WorksH/S and rail2400448
ChinaJiangsu Delong NickelLiyang CityStainless HSM6000750
TurkeyYukselenKocaeliService centern/a7
USABlueScope SteelDelta, OhioExtra EAF + caster850770
USACMCMesaMicro mill453.5300
USANucorBrandenburgEAF / CC / Plate mill1088.41350
USAUS SteelMon ValleyEndless cast roll HRC25001000
ArcelorMittal Zenica CHP plant, financed by EBRD, will use natural gas not coal, and have much reduced SO2 output.

Number of capital investment records shown: 10
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All investment and modernisation projects above are scheduled for commissioning in 2022. Capacity data is expressed in metric tonnes.

MCI holds a database of over 1050 steel industry modernisation projects. This database contains individual modernisation records identifying the country, investor, facility, capacity impact, capital cost, capex cost per tonne, commissioning date etc. Please email or call +44 775 149 0885 for further information.

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