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Capital Investment Costs - bar mills.

Typical capex investment costs

Bar rolling mill investment cost summary
Parameter Value
Average capacity 500 kt
Average cost 2018 US $ 88 million
Average cost per tonne capacity US $ 165 / tonne
Sample size 16 records

Capital investment cost figures compiled by Metals Consulting International, based on investments by Sidenor at Stomana in Bulgaria; Suez Steel in Egypt; by Foulad Sazan at the Amirabad Works in Iran; by ArcelorMittal at Huta Warszawa Works in Poland; by Mechel at Izhstal in Russia; by Wahib Merei at the Tartous Works in Syria; and other recent modernisations. Figures shown above refer to bar rolling mills including rebar production plants.

MCI capital cost database holds capex cost data for the following production units and processes. Front end: sinter, coke making, DRI, blast furnaces, BOF, EAF, induction furnaces, continuous casting. Flat: plate, hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil, hot dip galvanised sheet, tinplate, organic coated sheet. Long: heavy sections, rail, steel bar, rod, wire. Also welded pipe, seamless tube. Also pellet plant, coal washing plant, lime plant, PCI, pig iron desulphurization. Dbase also includes BF relines, ladle furnaces, vacuum degassing, air separation units, power plants, slitting lines, pickling plant, waste water treatment plant, acid regeneration plants.

Further detail is available for purchase. This includes cost versus capacity charts priced at $100 each and individual capex cost records priced at $20 each. For enquiries please email info@steelonthenet.comor call +44 775-149-0885. For further information about our database, see steel industry capital investment costs page.

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