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Iron & steel industry capital investment cost database
~1075 records - 2022 edition

MCI are able to offer steel industry capex database records for sale. These records of capital investment costs derive from public information sources which we have been searching for several years in order to compile our capex cost database. To see the data format, please see example.

The database data is in spreadsheet form and lists [where available] the country, investor, location, plant, equipment capacity, commissioning date, $ cost, cost per tonne. The database extends to approx 1075 recent steel sector modernisation records.

Coverage includes investments in the following production units and processes. Front end: sinter, coke making, DRI, blast furnaces, BOF, EAF, induction furnaces, ladle furnaces, continuous casting (slab, billet, bloom). Flat: plate, hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil, temper mills, hot dip galvanised sheet, tinplate, organic coated sheet. Long: heavy sections, rail, steel bar, rod, drawn wire. Also welded pipe [both spiral and longitudinal welded] and seamless tube. We also have data for pellet plants, coal washing plants, lime plants, PCI, pig iron desulphurization units and slag processing plants. The database furthermore also includes BF relines, vacuum degassing, vacuum arc remelting (VAR), air separation units, power plants, scrap shredders, slitting lines, pickling plant, waste water treatment plants, acid regeneration plants, dedusting systems.

For no of records per facility see plant items
For outline of database investment timing, please see capex dates

MCI price: $20 or € 15 per record.
[Discount available for >100 records].

Notes and definitions

Each 'record' represents a single record of investment in a steelmaking (or related) production unit - i.e. plant and equipment such as a blast furnace or a hot strip mill. Records cover each of the plant items (production units / processes) listed above. In some cases there may be ~10 records available per facility, in other cases there might perhaps be 25 or more records per facility. The cost to purchase [excluding VAT] is Euro 15 per record (thus, 5 acid regeneration plants would cost 5 x €15 = €75). The minimum purchase price per order is Euro 45.

*: All prices above are in Euro. Prices exclude value added tax (VAT). VAT will be added for UK customers. Database records are normally sent out as Excel spreadsheets by email. Dispatch is usually within 24 hours of fund receipt.

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